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I am a dentist by profession and I live in California. I am the author of the book, Sam and the Sugar Bug, Leila's First Visit to the Dentist, Leila and the Tooth Fairy, Funny Teeth and Bunny Ears and Boogers, Boogers.

Kashmir in Los Angeles

“Incorporate the good from other cultures and hold on to your roots. Change is inevitable but change for good. Become a blend of past and present so people will love and respect you for who you were and what you … Continue reading

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Article by a mother that best describes the books.

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Helpful tips for parents. Interview with Ilyasah Shahbazz

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While doing her daily chores, my mother fell. It was a minor fall but her foot looked swollen; so we took her to the doctor. She had fractured her foot at three places. Something was not right. How could a simple fall cause three … Continue reading

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God Bless Our Parents

I had a light conversation with my friends yesterday and we were discussing how easy it is to spend and enjoy your parent’s money compared to your own. When you are growing up you often hear parents saying, “Wait till … Continue reading

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Rh Factor in Pregnancy

Children are a gift from God. Everyone wants to be blessed with one, at some point of his or her life. Most people have kids without any problem but there are some who don’t have it easily. There could be … Continue reading

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Sam and the Sugar bug

My book, “Sam and the Sugar bug,” is now available in ibooks. It is a children’s book that teaches the importance of brushing to kid. Your child will fall in love with it. It educates kids in fun and easy … Continue reading

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