God Bless Our Parents

I had a light conversation with my friends yesterday and we were discussing how easy it is to spend and enjoy your parent’s money compared to your own. When you are growing up you often hear parents saying, “Wait till you start earning; you will not want to spend one rupee carelessly.” You almost hear yourself reply, “You have told me this a million times, can’t wait till I start earning, just to get you off my back and prove you wrong.”  Now, I have grown up and lived it. I hate to admit that it is true.

Back in the days, I used to spend money like it was growing on trees. I would lose books, pens, pencils and bag packs like there was no tomorrow. I do remember days when my mom would give me a new pen or pencil in the morning and by afternoon it was gone. I would see my mother’s frustration but would never really take it seriously. “It’s only a pen”, I would tell myself. My mother tried everything in her power to set me straight but in vain. When it was time to buy new clothes and accessories, I never worried about checking the price.  I failed to understand why my mother would not buy everything I wanted. God, it would make me so mad.

Then I went to a boarding school- the spending and losing habit continued. I would choose autos over public buses, loved eating out and buying clothes. I wanted new shoes and purses. Not to forget the dental instrument I needed for my dental studies; they are expensive. I would forget them in the class or laboratory. I would lend it to my friends and forget who I gave it to. In short, I must have bought the instruments, even the expensive ones, at least three to four times. I remember the day I asked for a camera and my mother insisted that I did not need it, but I convinced my father and got it. How ironic that I lost that too. It is a countless list. I would spend the money they sent for me and my sister. She would always give me what she had.

Now comes the second part, the part where I started earning. Let me start with the dental school. I had to buy the instruments again. I held on to those instruments like my dear life. I was the last one to leave the lab just because I wanted to make sure I did not forget anything. I have hardly ever bought anything before it went on sale. It is almost as if I have become a different person. If my friend saw me now they would probably say, “This is not the Humairah we know.”

This is true with everyone- you do spend more when you are using your parents money, some more than others. Why not! All you think of is how to spend the money, not paying schools fees, bills, building house, getting or losing a job and so forth. I guess God gave us childhood so we can have a phase of life without any stress, worries and responsibilities. Funny part is that when you are young, exams seem to be the biggest stress in your life. If only one knew what is coming next, we would appreciate it a little more.


Life brings us full-circle. I heard it somewhere that when we are kids, we want to be like our parents; when we grow up, we want to be nothing like them and when we are older, we are just like them. Ironic!


About Humairah Shah

I am a dentist by profession and I live in California. I am the author of the book, Sam and the Sugar Bug, Leila's First Visit to the Dentist, Leila and the Tooth Fairy, Funny Teeth and Bunny Ears and Boogers, Boogers.
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  1. ivonne says:

    Good article

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