Rh Factor in Pregnancy

Children are a gift from God. Everyone wants to be blessed with one, at some point of his or her life. Most people have kids without any problem but there are some who don’t have it easily. There could be lots of reasons for it. Rh factor can sometimes complicate a pregnancy. I wanted to make people aware because it could be avoided.

All of us have different blood groups. There are 4 blood groups- A, B, AB, and O. Apart from these is the Rh factor, which could be positive or negative. This is as important as your blood group. If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant you must find out if you are Rh positive or negative.

If the woman is Rh negative and the partner is Rh positive. They can have a child with  Rh positive blood. Even though both mother and child have a separate blood system, sometimes their blood can mix up. This causes the mother to produce antibodies against the developing child.

The sensitized mother’s antibodies attack the developing baby’s blood cells and destroy them causing anemia. In severe cases, death can occur. Sensitization can also occur by blood transfusion or miscarriage.

As I mentioned before, this can be prevented. All you need is the right information. If you are planning to have children, find out if you are Rh negative; it just takes a blood test and then inform the gynecologist.  Your doctor will recommend usually two injections, the first one during your pregnancy and second within 72 hours after delivery. This injection minimizes the reaction of mother towards Rh positive cells. It may also be given after miscarriage and abortion.

Usually people don’t have complications during first pregnancy, but if care is not taken, the second time is usually hard. A small blood test can save you from lot of heartache. Like I always say, “A stitch in time saves nine.”


About Humairah Shah

I am a dentist by profession and I live in California. I am the author of the book, Sam and the Sugar Bug, Leila's First Visit to the Dentist, Leila and the Tooth Fairy, Funny Teeth and Bunny Ears and Boogers, Boogers.
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